Kashmiri Shawls Red Color For all Season

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Original Kashmiri Shawls(For Ladies).

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Do you want to know about the Kashmiri Shawls? This shawl is comfortable for you I personally buy it from Pahalgam in Kashmir. That’s why I can guarantee its origin. This shawl is a comfortable fit for your every day, made of wool. This shawl keeps the fabric soft and smooth. The shawl is used to refer to a specific item of clothes and can usually cover the books. It’s satisfiable and easy to clean during your workout. The shawl can be assumed by women. This shawl will make you look and feel gorgeous all day long.

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Event Wear: Kashmiri shawls proper to match any fittings and suitable for all everyday life, travel, party, hangout, wedding, shopping, occasions, office time and any important events.




1. Raw Material Collection: A fine type of cashmere wool is found in the sheep of four varieties of Kashmiri goats found on the high hills of Pashmina.

2. Hand spinning, weaving, dyeing and printing process: Very fine for mechanical spinning and fur weaving process. So Pashmina prints carefully hand-cut, hand-woven, colorful and lovely colors, hand-block printing and finally hand-embroidered red edge product using polished, refined, strong and durable shawls.

3. Wash and Finish: Finally wash the shawls gently in a cool, mild detergent solution to remove dirt and dye and enhance the look and texture of the fabric.



Wash hands thoroughly with a neutral detergent or dry clean at temperatures below 30 ° C. First wash can cause short hair to swell, no need to worry. It will have a bright complexion, a soft feeling after drying.


Size: 80 “* 40”, designed for Ladies in Europe and America. You can use them like a shawl, scarves, dresses, etc. You can fold it any other way you like.

Package: a great love box, a decent gift for your boyfriend, family, and friends.

Event Wear: This shawl proper to match any fittings and suitable for all everyday life, travel, party, hangout, wedding, shopping, occasions, office time and any important events.

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The Kashmir Valley is known for shawls around the world. The shawls in Kashmir depend mainly on the three types of pashmina & the fabrics used to manufacture shahtoosh shah. At the same time, all these shawls are perfectly different in terms of their price. The wool shawl is the most affordable into the reach of the general public. Although, peanut shawls are the most expensive, usually one-time purchases. Pashmina shawl in the middle. See the variety of cashmere shawls yourself!


Wool shawl

Wool shawls in Kashmir have done fine embroidery work on them. The price of dag shawl depends on the type of wool and the fineness of the embroidery. Cashmere wool, known as a raffle, is 100% authentic and very unique to the embroidery valley.




Kashmiri Pashmina Shawl is one of the most popular shopping items in the state. The shawl adorned with fine embroidery and is extremely soft. A panel on the side of the shawl use swan, abstract designs or stylized paisley and flowers as motifs. Paper matches and needlework cover the width of the shawl as well as on the bridal panel or cover the entire surface of the shawl. Black outlined motifs with flowers and leaves. Ari Hook uses embroidery that floral designed for its motifs.




Twenty-six shawls made from the hair of Tibetan epilepsy. It found in the plateau of Tibet and the eastern part of Ladakh at a height of 5000 m. Shasta shawls are extremely light, soft and warm. These shawls are extremely expensive due to the shortage of raw materials. The shawls can pure make of solely mulberry twist or mixed with a pashmina. There are also many qualities in a pure shawl. Twenty-six shawls occasionally painted and have very little embroidery.


Indexed Kashmir shawls come from the Jammu and Kashmir region of the northwestern Indian subcontinent. Kashmir shawls can come in a variety of ground materials, ranging from very fine to coarse wool fabrics.

There are basically two types of cashmere shawls, the Kani shawl, which has a knitted design (the name of a wooden spool used for knitting), and the shaped shawl, which is a needle (and not a hook [eri]) (mainly) small stem stitches and satin. Embroidery shawl made of sewing.

Traditionally this type of shawl made from various varieties of local wool, which made in pashmina, raffle or mulberry wool. However, by the end of the twentieth century, various types of fur and synthetic fabrics were also embedded in the ‘Satya’ Kashmir shawl.

Embroidery on the shawl can carrier in various parts, such as borders, angles, centers, spreads, and more.


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Dimensions190 × 70 in



Original Kashmiri Wool

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Original Kashmiri Shawls


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Winter, Spring, Summer


100% Brand New


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